There are so many choices at the grocery store, why buy from Crazy Fox Coffee? Because coffee should taste as good as it smells. How many people do you know that will tell you they like the smell of coffee but they are disappointed by how it tastes? That’s because, like so many of us, stale supermarket coffee is all they know. To really enjoy a great cup of coffee you have to have fresh roasted beans. Fresh roasted coffee is not a new idea, the fact is before the industrial revolution came along most people roasted their own coffee beans. That went by the wayside when it became possible for people to take advantage of the new found convenience of being able to buy it pre-packaged at the market. Unfortunately, like the taste of a fresh picked vine ripened tomato or the smell of fresh baked bread in a few short years what coffee is supposed to taste like was forgotten.  Once coffee is roasted it is on borrowed time, after a couple of weeks it becomes stale and has lost much of its flavor. Can you guess how old that coffee is that you picked up on your last visit to your supermarket?  Look at your options on the shelf and see if you can find a roast date on any package, all of our coffee has a roast date on the label. It takes weeks for the supermarket coffee to reach distribution after being roasted; we ship yours within 24-48 hours.

We work hard to find the best coffee available. We taste the coffee before we purchase and again after it is shipped to us. We then roast the coffee in small batches to find the best roast profile for a great tasting cup. We are not coffee snobs but we are coffee lovers and we are passionate about our fresh roasted coffee and believe you will be too.