Reality March 09 2014

Had a great time in New York this weekend at CoffeeFest. Met several vendors I'd only know through phone conversations, talked to other micro-roasters, and drank lots of good coffee. Away from the convention we acted like tourist and explored the city. The 9/11 Memorial, although not complete, was not to be missed. With the long lines to get in you wouldn't think that tragedy happened almost 13 years ago. It's was good to see after all this time how people still remember and want to stand in line to pay homage to the victims of that horrible day. Seeing the rebuilding efforts in the financial district and all the people out enjoying the day at Winter Park also reminded me how resilient we are as a country. We went to the 102nd floor of the Empire State building Saturday evening and looked out over the city, what a beautiful place lit up at night! We came home Sunday afternoon revved up from CoffeeFest, I went out and roasted some Mexican Santa Rosa I just received, walked into the house to find the washing machine had overflowed and the laundry room and kitchen were flooded. Oh well, back to reality, but don't worry we'll keep roasting great coffee come hell or high water.