About Us

Crazy Fox Coffee Roasting Co. is a small- batch, artisan roaster located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Since discovering specialty coffee for ourselves we've been on a mission to show our friends how good coffee can be. It’s hard not to be passionate about great coffee and it’s exciting watching new converts swear off the coffee they thought they liked in favor of fresh roasted specialty coffee.

We are fortunate to live in an area rich with culture and tradition with family farms that date back well before the Civil War. Much like the farmers in the coffee producing regions of the world they have survived because of their commitment to sustainability and delivering a quality product.  With that in mind we source beans from socially consious farms using best practices in sustainability. Although, we support fair trade and organic farming we won’t let a government label restrict our search for the best beans. Many farmers were growing their coffee crops organically long before it became the rage it is today, unfortunately the process has become financially impossible for many of these farmers to ever obtain. We offer organic coffees when possible but our ultimate goal is to find the best quality coffee available.

There is no constant in the coffee producing industry, due to things such as weather, availability, and seasonal changes we are always working with our suppliers to find the best coffee available. The coffee we roast comes from the highest quality beans produced worldwide. Once we find the best coffee we will run several sample batches to find the perfect roast time and temperature needed to bring out the uniqueness of each variety. However, it is your coffee to drink how you like; we will roast to a level of your preference.  Since we are a small batch roaster we don’t have to keep an inventory of roasted beans on hand. We roast your coffee when we receive your order and ship it within 24-48 hours after roasting. We will deliver at no charge to your door if you live in Rockingham County for any order over $20.

If you have never had fresh roasted gourmet coffee before we hope you will try ours, but beware you may never be able to go back to the stuff you were used to drinking.