Brazil Decaf

$ 8.50

The decaf coffee you are used to drinking most likely came from sub-par beans that are rinsed with Dichloromethane and Ethyl acetate. This is the preferred method of the large commercial coffee producers. It is a way for them to use a bean that didn't make the cut for their regular coffee and then are able to reclaim the caffeine for other products through their chemical process. We will only offer premium 100% Arabica coffee for our decafs and will only offer decaf that has gone through a water decaffeination process. I've never had any grand allusions that I'm the world's greatest business man, but selling cheap beans soaked in paint thinner just doesn't seem to make good business sense to me. Our current offering is Fine Cup (FC) and Strictly Soft (SS) the highest cup category in the Brazilian coffee grading.